Mt. Rainier Day Trip. I’m Tired!

What a nice day! Oot & Aboot with my Schweetie. Finally got to the Visitor’s Center atop Mt. Rainier. Nice, warm, sunny, traveling day! We even had a small cook-out on the tailgate.




And we saw the “Hobo Inn” in Elbe, WA. where you can sleep in a Caboose if you want. Cool!




But I’m really beat right now. I drove only 210 miles (less than a half tank of gas!) but most of it was mountain road. On the way back got stuck behind a guy that was playing “The Game” until I managed to get around him. Then it was smooth sailing.

Got home just in time to check in to the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net. KE7NUQ ran it for me tonight. Nice of him.

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