Holy Hell It’s Wet Out There!

This whole area got absolutely drenched yesterday, is getting wet today, and is supposed to get drenched again tomorrow. I gotta put more effort into getting SWMBO to move to Arizona! And, just maybe, I’ll tag along! I’m purely sick of rain.


So, didn’t get a whole lot done today. The usual. It wasn’t raining long enough to take the Dog for a walk around the property. Once. (Had time to find out he freaks when you put him on the treadmill! I’m so mean.) Squishy out there!

Bo01bPlayed with those routers and the MeshNet stuff again. Just can not get that one rounter to reset. It’s starting to piss me off! So I unhooked everything and put it all away (semi-neatly) for a day or two. Get it out of my system, calm down, and it’ll go much better.

Anyway, that’s it. Boring SSDD.

But at least it’s raining. Again.

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