Me Thinks Summer, She Be Over. Sux!

I’ve had this little blu-tooth keyboard sitting around here for several  years. Decided to see if  it’ll work with this new Windows mini-computer.  It  does. Have  to be really  careful in  my typing cause it’ll do each key press more than once if I get too heavy fingered.

I Love Making Panorama's

SSDD day. Went through a “prodrome” last night and just now my head feels like it wants to hurt. And I’m in a bad “post-headache” funk. Which is normal. I’m grateful that I get the prodrome  but haven’t been getting the migraine. Those hurt! But I still get the after-funk  though.

I have a couple of external drives that are trying to give me different errors. So I’m setting up a Raspberry Pi to run ‘testdisk’ on them just to check out the surfaces. And, who knows, it may find something I can fix. (So far, it’s taken 2 days to copy my movies backup directory to one of my hd’s on my desktop. Linux does NOT copy things quickly even using grsync.)

That felt good! Fairly nice day so I got out and mowed. Everything. Front yard. Upper front yard. Lower front yard. Backyard. Most of the trail we walk around the property on (0.21 miles round-trip!) Thank goodness for rider mowers!

So, started this yesterday but forgot to finish and post. Figures.

Our Day on 2020-09-23_10-51-40

Started raining today (or late last night), which we really need here in western WaRshington, but, the Dog doesn’t like having to wear his raincoat thingie for our morning walk. Which is too bad. Wear it or stay home.. Which is another concept (along with “stay with me”) he has problems with. Selective understanding, I think.

Anywho: appointment with the cardiologist at 1530 today. His office hasn’t called and told me that “maybe you want to bring SWMBO along with you” so the news can’t be too bad. We’ll see. He’ll say something like “You’re Old, Fat, Out of shape, and Grumpy, Mr. King. None of that is good for your heart. Which is in surprisingly good shape for someone who smoked 40 years.”

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