$1400 Later We Got Us A New Fridge.

At the Scratch & Dent store over in Tacoma. According to a sign they had on the fridge we got, if it hadn’t been “dinged and scratched” (which aren’t all that noticeable) then this would have cost $3200. Which I wouldn’t pay even if I had that kind of money. It’s a freakin’ fridge, for gosh sake.

They loaded it into the truck but I had to tie it down. Which I over did. Just because. When we got home I got the truck positioned just right at the front door and got the ramps out. Called the Mission Mormonaries over to help and these 2 little skinny guys show up. One with a hurt finger in a splint.

I did most of the heavy lifting for this one. Got half-way down the ramps and got caught on the screen door. Moving a bit to the other direction got us caught on theĀ  door. Re-measuring I needed another 1.5 inches to get the fridge through the door; IF I took off the fridge door handles.

Ok. Fuck it. I’m tired. My back hurts. My leg hurts. Sent the Missionaries home with some freeze dried ice cream sandwiches for showing up, covered the fridge with a tarp, and quit for the night. Was so out of it that I even left the keys in the unlocked truck. Good thing I live out in the boonies.

Hurt too much to sleep well but, other than my every 2 hour pee trip, slept until 0700 this AM. You’d think I’d be rested.

Got hold of some friends and they all came over and we had the fridge in the house in less than 10 minutes. See what 5 guys can do when left alone.

Plugged it in and it works fine. Will have to get some longer water tubing tomorrow before I can get the ice thingie working. The layout is way different than the side-by-side we’re used to; but I think we’ll adapt.

So, for date day SWMBO and I went to Sheri’s for dinner then to WinCo where we tried, all at once, to replace the everyday stuff we lost with the old fridge. Damned near filled our cart (and we don’t usually do that).

Home. Everything put away. Convenience frozen foods in the new bottom freezer compartment (Ice Cream, Chicken Pot Pies, Burrito’s, etc) and everything else spread around topside. I think it’ll work.

Think I’ll do an hour in MS Flight Sim before going to bed. I want to learn how to use the A-10’s guns and missiles so I can do another video of me strafing the White House for YouTube to take down.

Contrary to popular beliefs and my sometimes gloomy outlook, life is mostly grand. I appreciate my friends that dropped what they were doing to come over and help me. I appreciate everyone that stops by and reads what is probably the most boring blog in the world; then stopping by to read this one.

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