So, The Sequence Of Events As Close As I Can Figure.

 A GFI was popped. But it wasn’t popped out enough to just look at it and tell. My bad. When I pressed the button in all the electric came back on.

BUT, the GFI popped because the fridge we bought in 2009, when we moved in here, decided to go Tits Up and took out that one GFI on a completely different wall across the kitchen. The only thing working on it is the light (in the fridge, not the wall. Nevermind). Looked up “How to jump start a GE fridge” but they don’t really have anything for an OLD GE fridge. Tried a bunch of stuff; to no avail.

Took everything I felt I could (and wanted to) save and prepped it for the freeze dryer. That’s going now. Everything else got trashed.

But, you know, some of that stuff in the freezer was 4-5 years old anyway. If we ain’t used it by now…

We’re going to get up early (well, SWMBO will get up early) and head out for breakfast then the scratch & dent store in Tacoma for a ‘new’ fridge. I hate going across the Narrows bridge into Tacoma. When you hit the other side of the water, everyone who hasn’t already forgotten how to drive suddenly forgets.

You think I’m kidding.

Still cheaper than getting an electrician out to the house.

Went to PT yesterday then again today because it was the only slot open for the rest of the week. Monday they really made me hurt. Today they added to it. As we used to say in the Navy: Fuckin-A I Hurt.

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