Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!

It’s not that I’ve been overly busy. I just haven’t felt like posting. Haven’t even felt like logging in to Facebook and getting involved there. Haven’t even answered many e-mails lately. Can hardly work up the gumption to curse Obama anymore. Not even much interested in watching my usual tv shows. Well, except for NCIS. I could be on my deathbed and would tell the thousands of crying, soon to be grieving folks to hold the noise down.

Was looking through my bookmarks and found that I’m a full fledged member of Google+. Damn. Forgot all about it. So I played around there for awhile. The only person I have on my “circles” is Will Wheaton. He can be interesting. Then I was reminded that I have a blog on “blogger” and should be updating it when I update this one. Easy enough to do with Windows Live Writer.

Spent a good part of yesterday helping my friend Adrian (up the hill from us) move dirt around in his driveway to make the drainage better. In the rain. All it cost him was 5 gallons of diesel. Hope what we did works! Damned near froze my fingers off though. It was cold out there!

Had a few high wind storms this past week. Really whipping things around. Most didn’t start until late at night and would be pretty well finished by morning. Still hasn’t been cold enough to snow around here. Then when it did get almost cold enough the rain went away. Everything is still soggy out there though.

Let’s see. What else has been going on? Hmmmm.

Still playing on the radio. Have made a few contacts. Been listening more than talking though. It’s about time! Thinking smileBuilt a small shelf to hold my radio above the tuner so I can have more room on my radio desk. That new (to me) AT-300 tuner is working great!

Almost through building my new computer. What I mean by “building” is reinstalling all the stuff I usually use with some exceptions. Installing all my flight sims, combat flight sims and 3D graphics programs that I want to learn to use. And my mail program and that’s about it. Oh, and VMWare player so I can load and play with other OS’.


Rebuilt my “old” computer and took everything off except for the stuff to convert my dvd’s to .avi files and Bitcomet; to download our favorite tv shows. It’s working better than when I had everything installed to do everything I did.

Did that make any sense?

Anywho, there is just not much going on around here at all. Dog and I still walk as much as we can during the day when it ain’t raining. Still getting housework done and dinners cooked. Still looking at all the “junk” I’ve collected and wondering what I can get rid of; that I won’t *need* later. You know how that works.

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