Man! What A Noisy Christmas!

But not until after the Grandkids got here after noon. And then it was mostly the youngest (Kylie) who just HAS to yell to be heard.

Anywho, our Christmas: I was up early but waited until SWMBO got up before opening my new computer. It’s an Acer Aspire M3970; has an Intel Core i3-2100 CPU @ 3.1 GHz and 6 Gig of RAM. Came with Windows 7 Home 64-bit. Been setting it up off and on all day.

So far, I’ve installed X-Plane 9 and Lock-On. Lock-on seems to look and work okay. X-Plane doesn’t run worth crap! Slow, jerky video. I just don’t think this Intel HD graphics built into the mb is any good. Still gonna have to buy a better video card to use my flight sims. Ah well. Not like it’s news or anything.

SWMBO seemed to like getting her Nook Color but has been too busy with the Grandkids to really play with it. She’ll get into it though.

Youngest Daughter and her kids came over for the day. Had a great time opening presents and having dinner. Lexi (11) and Rachel (9) even talked on the radio for the 2-meter rag chew at 1930. Cool! All of them seemed to enjoy the presents they got. They should! Grandma (SWMBO) went hog wild getting them iPod-Nano’s and WII’s and such!

Got to show Lexi Jupiter through the telescope also. She took a look, said “Cool” then went back in cause it was COLD outside! Wimp!Smile with tongue out

Not much else going on. SWMBO is keeping our youngest Grand-daughter, Kylie, for the night and they’re in the kitchen finding a snack before trying to get Kylie settled down for the night.

Oh yeah, We had a sudden gust of wind come up that blew a lot of things around outside and had a momentary glitch in the electricity. Rebooted my ham radio! Really. Turned it back on and it was like I just got it from the factory. Had to reprogram everything! Guess it’s time to buy a couple more ups units…

Maybe SWMBO will look for a book to download!

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