Snowy Thursday? Not So Far.

Dog and I saw only a few really really small flakes on our walk this AM. Didn’t expect much more since we walk before the snow was predicted to hit us. It’s 1020 now and the flakes are only slightly falling no matter what the map shows.
I know: I seem to be making a big deal of this. Well, yeah. Kinda. Hate the rain. Hate it. Prefer snow over rain anytime. It’s also something different in my oh so mundane retired life of Honey Do Lists, regular maintenance, and daily chores. I probably need to find a part time job; except that I’m probably forever ruined for working for someone else. Pretty sure my boss would take umbrage at “Listen up, Dipshit.” Which I would do since I ran out of patience with stupidity (except my own, of course) about 25 years ago. Sure, I’m “only” a retired HM1 but I have a retired Admiral attitude. Sorta. (Or I’m just old and tired of the bullshit.)
The Map!

Turns out the crowd we ran into at WinCo yesterday wasn’t atypical. Lots of folks in the area inundated local groceries “stocking up” for the anticipated snow event. Another run on toilet paper. Which is stupid cause you can’t eat toilet paper. Usually.

Stopped by QFC for carrots and it was crowded there too. Ate Taco Bell on the way home.

Yall know about me and pressing the #5 key when I get a robo-call. Well, SWMBOa and I were coming back from the  sewing machine place in Silverdale when I get a robo-call. And I start pressing the #5 key; and, sure enough, it takes me to an extension with a human actually on the phone. This female voice with a Filipino accent (20 years in the Navy-I know a Filipino accent) that says (and I quote): “Do that again, motherf*cker. Asshole. Yada Yada Yada …” and that’s where it all faded out in my response.

Cool! Cracked SWMBO up. She’d never heard that response before from a robo-caller. Neither had I, but it was cool!

Finally starting to really snow. Even got some sticking to the bushes. So I’m making beef stew for dinner. To keep warm, you know. Stick to your ribs type stuff.

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