Sometimes I’m Smart. Maybe.

So, I thought to myself: You already have regular TV cable connectors in the new Caravan, so, why not use what’s there instead of punching new holes through the side of your new Caravan? Hmmm. Would that work? Get a couple of “do it yourself” cable connector thingies and make your own pl-259 to cable TV connector patch/jumper/pigtail  cords? Hmmm…


So I spent the big bucks ($8 total) at Home Depot and got a couple packages of RG-59 push-on connectors. (I always get more than I need because I tend to mess things up the first couple of times I try something “new.”) Those are assembled. Will take my radio out and see if it works tomorrow. Only have to hope the cable in the Caravan is at least R-8(?) and it should work okay. Not excellent; but okay. Good thing I have enough coax on my antenna to reach without having to move it! If this works I’ll make them more permanent. If not, I’m out $8 and I still have some left over for other “projects.”


My Lovely Young Bride of almost 30 years took me to dinner at Red Robin’s in Silverdale. (Just down the street from Home Depot.) She had her usual mushroom burger and I had something that was supposed to be a BBQ Burger. Way too much of those fried onions on it; but otherwise good. Made our usual stop at Safeway and we be home.


Hooked that Roku2 I have up to my TV in my room. Still not impressed with it.

And that’s pretty much it. “For A Few Dollars More” is running in the background while I mess with that SDR thing I got. Really needs a better antenna! Did hear some 2-meter stuff though.

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