Woke To A Flat Tire This Morning

FemJoy-02-09Actually, SWMBO came in to the bedroom last night when she got home and told me the Driver’s side rear tire was flat. I believe I mumbled something in the vein of “Mreally? Mile Make Mare Morning.” before going back to sleep.

Which I did after my morning routine. Hate it1 Ten years ago I could have changed that tire in 10 minutes. This morning it took me almost 3/4 hour. AND I had to read the damned directions.

Smacked my face against the side of the truck when the lug wrench slipped. Saw moons & stars & old Popeye cartoons for a moment, but, got it changed and taken to Les in town where they fixed it and put everything back to where it belongs. Nice of FemJoy-02-08them. And they didn’t charge me for it. No wonder I try to buy all my tires at Les Schwab.

On the way home I stopped by the Library and asked the lady there for the book on Schroedinger’s Cat and Pavlov’s Dogs. She said it rang a bell but couldn’t be sure if it was in or not. Then she pointed out the Librarian.

Wx is supposed to suck this weekend with the chance of snow again. Right now it’s STILL raining and occasionally the wind kicks up. Too crappy to take the Dog for a walk. Left side of my face hurts and is slightly swollen over my left eye after smacking it agains the truck earlier.


Hey, finally did stop raining long enough to take the Dog for a walk. Just long enough. It’s really turning dark out there right now. I mean early evening dark. And it’s only 1400. This appears to be why …


Wow! It was really coming down out there for a few.

Anywho, my Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-9 Blu-Ray’s came in so I’ll probably start ripping them. (Really? No probably about it.) I get to pick SWMBO up tonight. Dinner ain’t gonna make itself.

So, we be home. SWMBO is in doing her homework. I’m thinking I’ll be going to lay down and read a bit.

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