I Am Totally Bummed Out Right Now

For the crappiest of reasons probably. Perusing “Hospital Corps” on FB I see several pictures of identified Hospital Corpsmen on patrol carrying rifles. Rifles! Designed for long distance killing, a rifle is anathema to everything a Corpsman stands for. Or supposed to stand for. We’re supposed to save lives, not reach out and take them.


Although we trained in their use, I don’t think we were allowed to carry the M16 “in combat.” Geneva Convention or something. Sure, we had a .45 (M9 later) to protect our patient; but that was up close and personal. Not reaching out to take a life. I would have had no problem killing enemy to protect my Marine patient. That’s what we’re supposed to do. It’s hard to explain. It just seems wrong to me.

To me, a Hospital Corpsman using a rifle to kill would be like having a Doctor be a sniper when he’s not treating a patient. The two are incompatible.


Renters just came up and talked for awhile. They’re splitting up and she’ll be moving out over the next couple of weeks. He wants to stay but can’t afford the full amount for rent. But he can afford most of it so that’s okay with me. They’d have to be out by the end of June anyway and getting someone else settled to have to have them move out would be unfair and a hassle. Sorry to see them split up though. Both of them are nice and I enjoy talking to them when we do. Ah well.


Our Saturday date went as usual, mostly. SWMBO bought me some new shoes and a new coat-thingie. Dinner at Arby’s. Spent too much at COSTCO. Usual Safeway stop on the way home. Did get gas for $1.68/gal with my $.20 discount! That was cool. Got about 22 gallons for less than $40. Nice!

Pre-discount price

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