Another Tuesday

b101bInternet comes to my house via DSL. Cable stops about 3/4 mile away down by the Sandhill park. It’s not bad and mostly works, but, I’ve complained that Bushmen in the middle of Darkest Africa have better-faster (and cheaper) Internet than we do here near one of the technological centers of the U.S.

But, that’s changed now that “ Nokia wins NASA contract to put a 4G network on the Moon.” Which means I can complain that they have better-faster-cheaper Internet on the freakin’  Moon than we do here near one of the technological centers of the U.S.

Thank you, cheapskate American Money Grubbing Internet Providers. (Y’all check out Internet for South Korea sometime. Go on, Google it.)

Augmented Reality for your windshields is coming soon. Already on a few (expensive) vehicles. How long before the porn companies sell a “mod” that makes all the women walking by naked? Wanna bet?

dance1In an e-mail today Amazon recommends the Zune Home AV pack v2 (Discontinued by Manufacturer) because I bought a Zune from them 15 FREAKIN’ YEARS AGO.

I never got pecked by a chicken, but, my Grandma chopped one’s head off once and the body ran up my brother’s chest and danced on his head a moment. He couldn’t eat chicken for the longest time …

“Scientists compare how COVID-19 cough clouds travel with and without face masks.” Yes, we really pay for these kinds of “studies.” As a retired Navy Independent Duty HM I can tell you that the cough won’t travel as far if you wear a mask.  That’ll be $134,000.83 please. Just leave it in the chump change jar.

Since it’s supposed to get down to about freezing here by Friday I got out and dug up all the taters in the raised beds. Not a lot of them this year. Couple of meals worth. Think we’ll have some tonight with meatloaf. May pick corn to go along with it just to irk SWMBO. (Too many starches!)

Gonna get her up early tomorrow as we’re making a day trip to Leavenworth, WA to get some Apple Cider. And spend time together.

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