Got The Raspberry Pi 2 Today

Took about 30 minutes to get it all set up, loaded, and up and running. I have a slow Internet connection so most of that time was spent downloading the system. But it installed and booted up right nicely.

So I installed the media center thingie and another version that just boots to a desktop GUI. The media center one (I just cannot remember the name of the program but it used to be called XBMC, I think) finds all my media drives no problem and the video output (through hdmi) is fairly decent. Problem is that then I can’t use the TV as a monitor while watching a movie. I don’t always want everything to play full screen.


The other flavor of linuxPi is okay if limited. It browses the Internet. It has a mail program that I haven’t tried; but, if it keeps mail on the “hard drive” then it really won’t be any  good. Haven’t checked to see what else is available for the Pi. Yet. (I’ve only had the thing 3 hours!)

UPS guy that delivered the Pi was asking me about CB radio’s and keeping in touch in this area. Possible but limited by the terrain. So I talked to him for a few minutes about maybe getting his Ham Radio license and a 2-meter radio and doing the same thing through local repeaters. I kind of doubt that he will, but you never know. I may have created another Ham.


Not much else going on. Had my Doctor’s appointment yesterday; everything’s where it should be and in fairly good working order for an Old Guy. They gave me a flue shot and pneunovax shot which made me feel pretty punkie later in the afternoon so I didn’t go to the Extra Class class. Still had a bit of upset stomach when I woke up this morning.

Made a run to ACE Hardware and bought 2 boxes of led bulbs. Buy to get one free so I went home with 6 bulbs total. Already used 4 of them in the kitchen and they do a pretty good job of lighting the place up. Will probably go get some more. Package says that 1 bulb, used 3 hours a day, costs $1.77/year to run. Not bad. They may be on longer than 3 hours during the winter, but, during summer they’ll probably not be turned on for weeks at a time.


I think, with the Pi, that I’m going to get a bigger SD card and see if I can get it set up for controlling my yeasu 857d and run a program like fldigi. And a logging program. If I get it all to working well maybe I can spread it around to other Hams.

Checked in to the 900 MHz Net just before the MCARC Wednesday 2-meter Chat Net. Both went well.

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