Everything Is Pretty “Normal” Here…

Still visiting SWMBO’s parents in Oregon, Ohio. Oh, that’s pronounced “Ore-Re-Gone”, not “Oregun” like real people would. Go figure. They also have a “Nevada” Street; except they say “Nav-ada.” Again, go figure. Smile

Sunset in Bozeman, Montana

Ran the Drone up to about 200 feet and did a slow circle to see around the Oregon, Oh area. Didn’t run into a thing this time! I kind of like this big open field next to the in-laws house. Lots of flat out there!

Set the 6-btv antenna up to the truck, got the computer hooked into the radio and did some psk-31 on 20-meters. Didn’t get hold of my friend in Greensburg but did get a response from a guy in Mississippi. Pskreporter.info showed my signal hitting all over the U.S.

Just before Yellowstone

Got up this morning, made my coffee and went out and sat in the truck listening to the radio. Not much to be heard anywhere. Local repeaters were dead except for station identification. 10-12-15-17-20 meters I heard only one person; and him not very clear. LOTS of mosquito’s though!

Anywho, really just “vacationing” and not doing much around here. Getting kind of tired of just sitting around. Not that I want anyone to take me anywhere to “do something.” Maybe SWMBO and I ought to go for more walks?

Along Highway 14. Beautiful Ride!!!

Anywho, that’s about it for now. We’re trying to figure out what the heck we’re going to do today. I think I’ll go out and play on the radio.

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