Pretty Much SSDD. Still. Again.

Mostly just getting “stuff” done around the house. Finally got set up and getting the new molding in. The curved part of the living room was a pain but we took it slow and it hasn’t popped off the wall yet. Yet.

I’ve mowed the lawn several times in the past couple of weeks. Mostly because it turns nice outside and I want to be outside so I look for things to do. That I can do, that is. Not really able to grab a shovel and dig much anymore. Morning walks are getting harder also. I think I’m turning into an OLD person.

SWMBO still goes on Friday Dates with me. Last week we went to the Mandarin place in East Bremerton. Got to eat inside but they weren’t doing the BBQ.

Really disapointed in the Wx this summer. Still cold enough to have to wear a long sleeve shirt on our morning walk and cool all damn day. Rained some yesterday. Again. Sunny and hot is a rare thing around here. Sucks, actually. Garden doesn’t like it either.

Speaking of which. The first crop of peas has come and gone but the 2nd crop is starting to grow nicely. That’s a first for me. Usually I only do the one crop, but this year I thought I’d try the second. Working. Nice. And the Maters are doign well down in their usual spot. Corn ain’t. Squash growing well but the watermellon ain’t. We’re going to have more potato’s than you can shake a stick at.

Top Of My Tower. Drone Still Works!

So, I’m just rambling. Everyday life has taken over with a passion and just getting through every day is a chore. Or full of chores. I may be getting too old to do all of this by myself. SWMBO has said I can buy a tractor/digger, and that’ll help on the jobs that those can do, but there’s still a lot to do. And most of it’s physical.

And I still don’t do too bad until I have to get down on the floor. Then the hard part is getting back up. Even climbing on the roof the other day and finally cleaning the gutters was fairly easy. Until I had to climb down. (First time in 11 years I’ve cleaned that particular gutter. Needed it 8 or 10 years ago.)

Those thumb drives I ordered? Don’t ask. Sorry to say that I got scammed and I should have known better. But technical advances are being made everyday and they could have been legit. And I researched it! Now the company, rdplummy, has disapeared, They left a link showing someone toasting the beach in someplace like Fiji to rub it in. But, at least it was an inexpensive lesson.

Ah, well.

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