Just Not Much Going On…

Really. The In-laws spend a LOT of time sitting around and I just can’t do it. So I’m outside looking around (saw an actual Fox (the animal as opposed to that lovely SYT in the shorts at the store (she was nice!)) today out back. Their squirrels have been getting closer and closer when they come down to check me out when I’m sitting in the truck playing on the radio. It’s nice outside.


My Father-in-law (FIL) took me to Blissfield, Michigan (extoling the virtues of his truck the whole way!) to see the Model Railroad Club he belongs to. They have a great set up that they’re going to have to move cause they lost their lease. Luckily they’re just moving next door. Unluckily they’re going to lose about 40% of the stuff they have cause it just won’t make the move.


Anyway, it was pretty neat.

We be back “home” now and SWMBO and I took a walk to Kruger’s for soda’s and ice cream. They’re watching “The Quiet Man” and I’m doing this.


Tried out my “Navigator” on my phone both to and from Blissfield and it worked just fine. Even when my FIL purposefully changed the route to show me the local baseball field on the way back. That’s good. It’ll get me to and from Ron’s this Saturday then.

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