I Am So Boring!

Haven’t posted cause my life is boring as fuck. I spend my days hobbling around like an old guy with knee and foot pains (Hey!) and not a whole lot to do cause I’m “retired.”

Oh, I make my bank runs and things like that; but mostly I hang around the house “doing things.” Nothing that really matters; but something. Yes, I usually start my day by making the bed. At least I accomplish one thing every day.

2018-08-04 08.17.50

Wx has been fairly nice though. Cooler (to cold) in the morning but really nice in the afternoon. Have got to lay out a couple of times. Except for the crap going on with me I’ve been really enjoying our morning walks.

Need some help finishing up the front “stoop” (steps, porch, whatever) so a friend came over to give me an estimate for him to finish it. I can live with what he came up with so he’ll be starting tomorrow. Cool! Now I gotta hope rent gets paid.

The New Doctor Who.


Made overdone peanut butter cookies form my Schweetie today. Also made Pot Roast with mushrooms as a one-pot meal. It was pretty good and the meat wasn’t too tough.

Can you tell I’m just rambling now? That happens when you just live an ordinary every-day life in the US.

I could fill pages about my Renter right now; but I really think I ought not to.


Physically I’m going to shit. Mentally I’m the same as I’ve always been: Fucked Up. Sixty-six and I’m still trying to work it out.

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