Wow. T-Shirt Wx Day Two

Of course, it wasn’t really t-shirt weather (but close. Very close.) until I got off my lazy fat ass and went for another load of gravel, came back and filled all the damned pot-holes in our driveway. Then it (suddenly and quite inexplicatilly) got to be rather comfortable t-shirt weather. Amazing what a bit of physical activity can do.


Of course, my OLD ass is dragging now. So much so that I was barely able to take the Dog for a walk around the back 40. But I did it and the Dog (still pooping off trail, Thank Goodness) really enjoyed it. Lot’s of work to do back there this coming summer. Downed trees to cut up. Path to clear. Bushes to trim. (I’ve always liked a trim bush.)


Of course, it being so nice outside, and me being unable to stay inside while it’s so nice outside, I got out and restacked that pile of cement blocks that I’ve been meaning to restack more out of the way than it has been. Phew. I still need to disassemble the last two raised bed gardens and move the blocks up near the house; but that can wait for another day.


Fish (sticks) & Chips (fries, Well, actually, bakes) for dinner cause I felt the need for lazy. And relatively quick. Container of jello for desert. Just waiting for SWMBO to get home and the MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net to start. (If it does.)

Which it didn’t. The Tuesday & Wednesday night Nets are for shit anymore.

It’s bedtime.

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