Pretty Much SSDD Around Here

Still raining more than not. Lots of flooding around the greater Seattle area. Had some snow the other day but nothing stuck. Dog and I enjoyed our walk in it though.

blnd4Had a migraine yesterday that kept me in bed trying to sleep to escape the pain. Mostly worked. Got up at midnight to sit up awhile (my back hurt from laying down 14 hours!) but didn’t stay up long. Went back to sleep around 0115 and slept for a couple of hours. Woke up for about and hour then back to sleep to a couple more. Woke up headache free but still having the post-migraine blahs.

But I try not to let that stop me. Still haven’t gotten into the MILA to get anything done but got garbage burned, dishes done, dinner being cooked and some scanning of Uncle Herman’s pictures done. Not a lot, I know, but something.

And that’s it. Boring. SWMBO and I are enjoying the new Picard.

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