Tuesday Was Just Like Monday…

Except SWMBO, the Dog and I took a walk “up-hill” to return my neighbors “post pounder” thingie. I meant to give it back to him before we went on our vacation; but got busy getting ready to go on vacation and didn’t. Not that he needed it or anything.


So we dropped that off, swapped a few “sea” stories and continued our walk to the end of the road and back. I like walking along and holding her hand even after all these years!

My Favorite Monster!

Not much else going on around here. Hot day thankfully. Got the garden watered earlier and should probably do it again at the end of the day. SWMBO is off to a friends house to do genealogy stuff and won’t be back until much later.


Stopped by Blockbuster on the way back from dropping the Netflix movies at the Post Office; just to check things out, you understand. Didn’t find what I was looking for (Chronicles of Riddick & Pitch Black) in Blu Ray so I got the latest “Jack The Giant Slayer.” We’ll see how that goes.

Jack The Giant Slayer (2013)

Think I’ll watch it after the MCARC 10-meter net at 1930 (28.450 USB)

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