Fairly Normal Saturday.

Spent $280 at Home Depot for items to build a trellis thingie for SWMBO’s rose bushes, and the makings to put in a picket fence to replace the “temporary” wire fence out back to keep larger animals off ours. The back fence area will be smaller than what’s there now; but I don’t think our animals need a large yard to go poop in.


Dinner at Arby’s and our usual stop at Safeway on the way home. Got some more of those good, dark, sweet, grapes. Other than that, pretty much SSDD for Safeway.

And mostly for our day. Was talking to SWMBO about us making more trips with the Caravan. We have to use it to make paying so much for the thing worth it. With her working during the week, the Genealogy Library on Saturday’s, and teaching Primary in Church on Sunday’s, she doesn’t have a lot of time to just go places. Not without a lot of pre-planning. Me, on the other hand, I can pick up and head out whenever I get the urge. I talked to her about those urges. She’d be okay with me taking a weekend every so often and going somewhere. I’d ask her if she wanted (or was able) to go along first; but that’s because I enjoy spending time with her.


So it may be time to visit the John Day Fossil Beds, or the Pine Mountain Observatory, for a weekend or two sometime this summer.

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