It’s A Cold Slightly Busy Friday

Started out at 10 degrees this morning. Brrr. Hella Brrr. It’s even too cold to take the Dog for a walk. (Although he doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all. Maybe there’s something to be said for fur.)


Having a real problem with our Renters. Rent is late, again. She told us her dad would be by with a check 3 days ago. Still no rent. We only rent the place out because we need the money to help pay our bills since SWMBO nor I were working. Even with her having a full time job now the money is still needed to catch up on what we’ve fallen behind on. Plain truth is these people have been a pain in the ass since they moved in. Not once have they paid their rent on time and they make way too much noise too late at night. And the DRAMA; my god I’m tired of the drama. I’m ready to start eviction proceedings.

Not much else going on right now. Need to log in and check my bank balance and the MCARC balance. Need to get the financial paperwork straight for the meeting tomorrow. And my “usual” chores, of course.

Dang Club banking locked me out again and I had to run to the bank and get it unlocked. Sometimes I hate having to have an overly confusing complicated password to get anything done! Got it cleared up and all the paperwork done though. Except for locking the account every other time I try to log in this job is really fairly easy. Highly undemanding, I should say.

Clara Oswald

Wow, got up to 30 degrees today. Cool! And I need to leave the house early this evening to get to the Vape Shop before they close @ 1900. Then wait around until 1945 for SWMBO to show up. Ought to get home about 2020 if we don’t stop someplace. Problem with getting to the Ferry Landing too early is not finding a parking spot; it’s trying to stay warm without running the truck (& heater) while waiting. Uses too much gas.

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