Still Frakkin’ Cold Out There!

Here it is 0900 and it’s only 18 degrees. That’s up 2 degrees since I got up at 0530. Sucks! I really believe that, if it’s going to be cold, especially this cold, it ought to be snowing. Otherwise what’s the sense of it being cold!? There is snow in Northern Oregon, and I’m tempted to jump in the truck and drive on down for the day; but I have to stay local to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing @ 1945 (or so).

When Worlds Collide (1951)

Ok. Usual chores done. About to go check mail. Should be a Netflix day.

Spent a couple of hours “straightening” up the library shelves. Finally got tired of the pile of books on the coffee table. SWMBO isn’t going to be very happy with the way I did it, but, she should have gotten off her duff about it a long time ago. (She’s our Librarian.) Ah well; you remember that old saying about it being “easier to ask forgiveness?” Ah, the perils of leaving a “retired” man at home alone!

Man, I just can’t believe the things I take for granted nowadays. I remember when a 40 MEGAbyte drive was a big thing. Now I routinely work with files 25 gig or more. A 1.2mb floppy was the “cat’s meow” where now I have several 16 gig thumb drives. Wish I was gonna live longer…


Just went to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Terminal. COLD out there! Even the smokers at the bar were heavily bundled up.

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