Again. And Again. SSDD

Although I did get out of the house. Made a Post Office & Key Bank run. Picked up mail on the way back. Finished some laundry. Dishes. Wondering what to make for dinner. Took the dog for a walk. All the usual stuff.

Been making time-lapse videos of clouds. We actually had a couple of peals of thunder yesterday. Hope I got them on video. I know that’s probably not very exciting for all y’all; but around here it’s rare. I like thunder and lightning and hope to get out somewhere  they have a lot of it and make some video. Given the right place & money I could be a “Storm Chaser.”

Twin Tales of Terror!

SWMBO wants to make the “plastics” run to the dump around the corner. Cool!

Tomorrow is MY anniversary. One year smoke free! I’d have never believed it. I smoked for going on to 45 years before I got smart and quit. Thank goodness for my Volcano e-cig though. (And I’m down to 1 soda a day; from (usually) a 6-pack a day.) Course, I’m still a Fat Old-Guy…(And, hopefully, I’ll continue to get older!)

Free Rasputin Beard With Admission!

Bent a rotor shaft on my Drone and HAVE to buy replacement parts. So far everything I need (want?) totals about $60. Not impossible but an additional expense I didn’t really need.  If I had been “smart I’d have ordered extra parts when I bought the thing! But, NOooo!

Worked on one of the raised garden beds for awhile getting all the grass & weeds out of it. Phew! I Miss My Digger! (Sometimes.) But I figure why not get outside when the weather is okay? It’s going to eventually need to be done anyway.

You couldn't get away with this ad today!

Decided on Lasagna & Texas Toast for dinner. Good stuff!

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