Kinda Sorta Looking At A Shortwave Radio

To keep in my SHTF kit (The Caravan) and, maybe, just to sit on my desk to listen to when I’m not really that busy. (Which happens often around here.) Just seems like a good piece of emergency gear to have around. So far, the Tecsun PL-660 seems the way to go. Affordable. Works well. Affordable.

The Tecsun PL-660 is an compact portable radio covering AM (520-1710 kHz), long wave, shortwave, VHF air and FM bands.

Not a wholee hell of a lot going on around here. Have no idea what I did yesterday; it was so boring. Oh, wait. Mailed the box of presents to the in-laws ($37!), filled my tank with gas, and stopped by the local Senior Center to check them out. Aslso dropped SWMBO off at the Ferry Landing (she’s NOT happy about leaving almost 10 minutes earlier than she usually does!), and picked her up at QFC in the evening.

FemJoy-02-09Today. Yeah, today. Made a dump run and checked the mail on the way back. The usual chores. Spent about 2.5 hours “playing” with X-Plane. Set my 57d to 1.800 USB and hit the scan button. After 4 hours it was up (down?) to 13. something MHz and I hadn’t really heard anything.

Picked SWMBO up and we be home. She’s taking a practice final for her class and I’m playing with HRD’s Sat Tracker thingie. ISS in 3 minutes!

And I didn’t see it because of … trees! Of course! We don’t get to see things here in Western WaRshington because the danged trees, or clouds, get in the way. (I need to live in Southern Utah or some other place “deserty.”)

I’m going to lay down and read a bit.

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