Almost A Normal Monday!

Talk about a Senior Moment! Got up and did my usual routine this morning. About 1100 I thought I’d take the plastics to the dump on my way to check mail. Loaded all the plastics in 3 big garbage bags, put them in the back of the truck, and took off. Dump is open Tues-Sat…


Danged dump (transfer station. I guess cause we “transfer” the garbage from our vehicle to their dumpsters) was closed. AND it took me a full minute of trying to figure out I was there during the right time but on the WRONG DAMNED DAY! Today was Monday, not Tuesday. Duh!

Not an auspicious moment.


Other than that it has been a fairly “normal” Monday. Sun came out and the wind died down a bit so the Dog and I took a tour of the back 40. Pounded some more nails around my room getting ready for tape-and-paste. Dishes. Last of the laundry. Made a few time-lapse cloud video’s from the video of our trip to Ohio last summer.


Made almost-BBQ’d pork chops, BBQ rice, and green beans for dinner. I say “almost BBQ’d” cause I broil them. Both sides. They was good!

Got off my old ass and made a cake for snack tonight. It was either that or microwave popcorn.

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