Garbage Run Day! O Joy!

But it had to be done. Both our cans were full! Smelt like an old used diaper! Then I had to load the recyclables and take them to the bins at the “transfer station.”


But it got me off my ass for awhile! Next is loading the stuff I’ve collected outside (and from the basement) and take all that to the dump. (Our Son says he’ll do that part when he gets home from work; but who knows if he’ll get here in time?)

Got a wagon-load of left over wood pieces (from other projects that can’t really be used for another project) out to the burn pile. Will probably burn those the day before we’re supposed to get more rain.

Didn’t get to the bank today and it’s too late now, so, tomorrow? Probably.


SWMBO is home safe and sound. Watching Craig Ferguson and about to hit the rack. Exciting!

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