Sometimes Being Retired Sucks!

sandra1cDidn’t really feel like having breakfast this morning. Not that I wasn’t hungry. Just lazy. Didn’t really feel like having my usual cheerios; but didn’t really feel like making anything. And, if I had made anything, it would have had to be an omelet since we really don’t have anything else in the house. Didn’t feel like driving to MacDonald’s (or wherever either) either. What’s a lazy old guy supposed to do? So I had my cheerios; without walnuts or blue berries. I’m bad!

Not much else going on even though it’s a beautiful day. Not too hot. Not too cold. Bit of a breeze. Decided to move the Big Antenna (what I think I’ll call the 6-160 dipole cause typing 6-160 dipole all the time is, well, complicated. So it’s the Big Antenna from now on. IF I remember.)

   tz15Anyway, it’s pointed North to South right now. Thought I’d move it East to West and see if that makes any difference in what I hear. And if I’ll hear the MCARC 10-meter Net any better. At the very worst it will be a waste of time and I’ll wind up putting it back where it was. “Time wasted at something you enjoy is not wasted.” (Ted Nugent if I remember right.)
And, if I hear things better that would be a good thing!

Buying that 6-80 Meter Alpha Vertical Antenna for taking along camping. Good reviews and it’s only $250. (Only, he says!) $285 with shipping!


Making Cheese-Broccoli Soup (with some Thrive Dehydrated Chicken added) and Corn Bread for dinner tonight.

Went to the NMARES meeting this evening. They were all the same as usual. Couple of newbies looking to get their Technician tickets. Cool! Everyone else is still just maintaining, as it were. Nothing really interesting going on.

Got stung by a hornet while sitting there in QFC. That stung! (Which is why they call it a sting, I guess.)

And that’s about it. SWMBO is home safe, I’m home safe, nothing else really happening here either. Think I’ll go lay down and read awhile.

Oh, moved the Big Antenna back to where it was. Tried PSK31 at 5, 10, & 25 watts with NO signal reports at all from

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