Really Not A Lot Going On!

Yesterday? What happened yesterday? I don’t remember. I’d lay dollars to donuts that it was probably as SSDD as it gets around here though.

How it looked when I started!

Spent about 4 hours today turning that 25 lb. chunk of beef I bought the other day into 22 lbs of ground beef. O, what fun!

About half way through it.

Dropped our Son off in Gorst for the Airporter. He’s flying down to LA for the weekend.

Getting ready to grind it up.

That means I’ll have to get dressed and take her to the Ferry Landing in the morning. That’s okay though; she’s worth it!

Ground up and ready to sucker bag!

And that’s about it for now. Tremors Trilogy has been running in the background this afternoon but it’s time to watch CSI before heading off to bed.

Ready for the freezer.

Oh, ground enough beef for 4 2-cup sucker bags and 22 (or so) 1-cup sucker bags. (I could give you an exact count but would have to go out to the pantry and dig through the freezer. Don’t feel like it right now)

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