City On The Edge Of Forever. Seattle.

So, I have mixed feelings about the “new & improved” “Special Effects” in the Star Trek: TOS Blu-Ray discs I got yesterday. I’ve already ripped the first season, and watched a couple of episodes, and have this thought: The “New & Improved” “Special Effects” aren’t that good. They sort of remind me of the “Special Effects” in “The Last Starfighter” (which did not look realistic at all). They look kinda good, but fake. But I’d have to rate them slightly better than the original effects. Hence the mixed feelings. But the enhanced video is great!


vlcsnap-00020Almost a fairly normal Sunday around here. Most of the chores are done. Most of the laundry is done. Spent most of the day ripping season 1 of Star Trek: TOS and some of SWMBO’s cd’s. Finished getting my “shack” and radio set back up after Field Day. Finally got rid of some of the mess on my counter-tops.

OTT, just not a lot going on. The MCARC Sunday 2-meter Chat Net went well; even if we had only 5 check-ins. All the signals were great tonight. Unusual.

Tomorrow we’ll be going to the annual pancake breakfast at the church. Then we may, or may not, “go for a drive.” I was thinking of just heading North on HWY 101 and seeing what we see. But SWMBO reminded me that I really want to work on that wire I need to move to finish putting that new cabinet in the wall. Hmmm. Take a drive with my Schweetie or do something around the house? Hmmm.


Anywho, that’s it. This Old Guy is off to bed and his book.

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