Kind Of Feeling My Age

Read a piece online about a Mother that was arrested for letting her 10 year old kid go to the park, a block away, by herself. ??? When I was 10, we lived in South El Monte, Calif. During the summer Mom would get us up early, feed us breakfast (if we were lucky), and kick our asses out until dark. A lot of times we’d head off to what we knew as “Garvey Park” over in Monterey. About 5 miles or so. It was nothing back then to let your kids wander miles away and not really worry about them. Except for maybe what trouble they’d cause! Hell, I used to hop on a bus and go to actual downtown Los Angeles, out to Seal Beach, the Pacific Palisades Park (?? Not sure of the name. Amusement park on a pier), the La Brea Tar Pits, or Griffiths Park.

Different times, I guess.


Not much going on. Pretty normal Saturday until SWMBO showed up at 1500 for our date. She took me to El Sombrero (YUMMY!) for early dinner and Home Depot to tell me how much I can spend to finish off my room and get back in it. Oh, short stop by Jo Ann’s. It doesn’t matter to me where we go, or where we stop, as long as we’re spending time together.

And that’s it for this Saturday.

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