Headache. Day Two. This Sucks!

Not as bad as yesterday but irritating. Like a toothache (I gots no teef!) that includes the left side of my head. So far the ASA I’ve taken hasn’t touched it. I’m thinking it’s time for some 90-proof! (Except I haven’t had a drink since around 1986 or so.)

Sunny off and on so I did get out and “fly” a couple of times. Didn’t hit any tree’s the first time out! Woo woo!

Anita Ekberg

UPS dude just delivered our Son’s new GAMING computer. Hope it works out for him. I’d rather he saved up for a good down payment on a new car. He;s always welcome to live here as long as he needs to; but a working vehicle would help more than a new gaming computer. Hell, even I made sure the bills are paid before I buy a toy… (I don’t splurge often, but when I do, Oh Brother!)


1830 and the headache still hasn’t gone away. Sucks!

2200 SSDD

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