Exceptional Day Today!

President Obama didn’t show up at my door at all. I like days like that!

Ran all over town and even to Allyn getting stuff done today. Completed most of my “list.” (I have to make a list or I forget what the hell is was I wanted to do.)

money_usd1 - Copy

Took SWMBO’s mower to a friends for him to fix it. He’s gonna order the parts. Also thinking of buying a rider-mower from him and got to look at that. Stopped by Belfair Glass and got a couple pieces of, well, glass; for the light box I’m building so I can scan all these old negatives we’re getting from SWMBO’s deceased Uncle. Put up a couple of ads on Craig’s list, made the MCARC Meeting & Field Day posts, got the laundry done, and read a couple of e-mails from my health care provider. Laundry is finally done for the week.


I actually got something done today! Whoopee! Hey. Already have an inquiry about the MILA. Cool!

My friend, Ron, from Pennsylvania is supposed to be here tomorrow. If he shows up. He may get busy with family in Oregon; and that would be okay. I understand family stuff. I’ve known Ron longer than I’ve known SWMBO.

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