I Am Officially A Ham Radio Geek!

It was fairly nice outside today. Not nice enough (for me) but not bad. So I took some time and installed my yaesu 857d into the truck for our trip. Left the BTech in, so, I have two radio’s in my truck now. Two. That’s gotta make me a Ham Radio Geek.

2016-09-16 13.55.31

So now I’ll pack the Alpha Antenna and where ever we stop for awhile I can tune up and make a contact or two. Cool. And I can still do 2-meters/440 at the same time if I want. Cool Cool.

brun10aDidn’t get to pick SWMBO up tonight; like I usually do on Friday’s. Her Son picked her up. He was going to stay home this weekend but a ride came available. That’s good. But, she has to take him to Port Orchard to get that ride. Which is not good. I wonder what life would be like around here if he moved on to being an Adult? And if she quit making it easy for him?

Oh, got the oil changed in my Truck today. Want to be ready for the trip. With air filter and SPECIAL oil my truck requires (and 3 quarts more than they provide for $39.95) it came in around $100. Think I’ll stick with the Dealer from now on. (Except those times I wait until the last minute and can’t make an appointment for an oil change before I’m due in another State.)

The Tree Of Winter Doom

Anyway, been editing all those pictures that I’ve scanned and playing with a couple of Linux programs for graphics. I like XnView Multiplatform for general cropping and such. ShowFoto for putting text in a picture. But, ShowFoto sometimes locks up my computer if I do too many in a row. Don’t know why; it just does.

Anywho, I’ll probably already be in bed when she gets back. I just read last night and it was fun. “War of the Worlds.”

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