Wow! Another Nice Hot Day!


Posted this on Craig’s List about my Free Pool:

Alright, we’ll try this again. EVERYONE that has inquired (or Wanted) this pool has fallen through for one reason or another. I’m tired of having this thing sitting in my yard and the amount of time required to be “Fair” to responses. So, IF you are interested, send me an e-mail. You will get one back with my address. The FIRST person to show up with a means of transporting this thing gets it. If it’s not gone by next Monday it goes to the dump.

Got an even dozen responses. Again. Several asked me to hold it until <whenever>. Again. I e-mailed back “First Come gets it.” A couple from Shelton were the first here, so they got it. Bye Bye Pool. I sure hope they enjoy it.

Now I’m getting nasty e-mails from people that were “on their way,” or “planning on leaving here by <time>”. I’m pretty sure the ad said “First To Show Up” so I can’t imagine what they’re upset about.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on today. Typical Hot Weather Routine, for me. Did make a trip to “Habitat For Humanity” to see if they had a corner shelf unit, dropped Netflix off at the Post Office, and stopped by Ace Hardware for a hole-drill bit. Drilled a hole in my almost brand new toolbox to mount my 144/440 antenna in. Now I need a big-assed washer. (Then rerun the new antenna wire and get the truck put back together, but we won’t go into that for now.)


Started up the weed-whacker mower and took it along the whole path that the Dog and I use to walk around the property. Hot work! Lot’s of bugs too. But I got it all cut back enough that I should be able to use the rider-mower on it next time. Need to get off my old duff and mow all the other lawns too. Grass is almost dead from the drought, but the damned weeds have flowered and all my lawns look like an abandoned field someplace. Stickball, anyone?

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