I Blame The Internet. And Boredom.

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Now, really. This just cracks me up. Last I checked (last night actually) over 768 THOUSAND people have looked at my G+. That’s Seven Hundred Sixty Eight Plus Thousand! Holy Shit! No actual “Followers,” but lots of folks stopping by for a moment or two. Which I appreciate even if I can’t understand why.

My KF7LTT G+, which I forget I have, on the other hand, has 25 followers.  Which tells me something I probably should pay attention to: I get more “Followers” for NOT posting than otherwise.

And both profile pictures suck!


I’ve been a member of the Science Fiction Book Club (SFBC) since 2001. I finally got it running the way I want: I can log on and buy a book if I want. Or not – for long periods of time with only an occasional “reminder” from them that they are still there eagerly awaiting my business. Recently though, they’ve changed to a “Member Credits” thing and I’ve been getting these spams telling me I have to log on before the 10th of the month and use, save, or ignore said Member Credits.

Well, that’s not what I signed up for 14 years ago. Ok, maybe it was, with the old mailings and “You Have to buy so many books to fulfill your membership agreement.” But I worked past that (to the tune of several hundreds of dollars). It was working how I wanted it to. I could log on and buy a book, or not.


So I called them up to cancel my membership. The young guy on the phone said that I’d been a member so long that he could change my account back to the way it was if I still wanted to be a SFBC member. Well, hell, if you can do that why’d you change it in the first place? It was working.

So, I’m still a member of SFBC. I’m pretty sure the amount of books I’ve been buying over the past couple of years, 2 or 3, doesn’t amount to a pimple on the sales staff butts; but it was nice of him to accommodate me. And, now that they do, in fact, deal in e-books, they’ll be getting a bit more of my business. IF they’re cheaper than Amazon or Google Books.


Which is another contention: Which e-books company to stay with? I started with Amazon when I bought the Kindle Reader. I have bought from Google Books and used their reader. I have installed Aldiko Book Reader on my Nexus 7 and enjoy downloading/reading books on it. But I probably need to pick a company/format and stick with that. Would probably make it much easier to move things around if I need to. There are almost too many choices nowadays. (Ain’t like the old VHS/Beta Max days, is it?)

The first time I joined SFBC, way back in the 70’s. I got 10 “free” books for joining. Now you get one.


SWMBO’s Linux Laptop quit putting out a signal to the HDMI. Unplugged it and brought it in here and plugged it into mine. Came right up. Danged things know I carry a screwdriver and I’m not afraid to use it! Set it back up in her room and it doesn’t work. ???? Her Windows Laptop works though. Puts right out to that big screen monitor of hers. Hmmm…

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