Salmon Patties For Dinner…

With “fixins.” Other than that haven’t done a damn thing all day. Been downloading the latest version of Linux and even managed to get my coat into the dryer, but haven’t really done much of anything today.

Did get the broken hydraulic hose off the Digger and managed to get the ignition switch free of the chassis, but, haven’t actually removed the switch. Too many wires hooked to the thing! Took several pictures of where the wires are attached and will label the wires before unhooking them cause I don’t want to mess it up. Monday or Tuesday I’ll get to see if the guy at the Auto Parts store can get me a switch pretty close to it. Not too expensive, I hope. Yep, unhooked the battery before getting into the switch!

Digger Ignition Switch

Yesterday, SWMBO took me to Taco Bell over in Bremerton then to WinCo Foods to spend too much money. Got a bunch of things we needed though. They’re fairly reasonably priced.

Don't Forget How The Wires Go!

Still getting used to looking out the window from my Shack and NOT seeing the Dump Truck and RV.

Other than that there just isn’t much going on around here. Wasn’t too bad out today, Wx wise, so I did get the dog walked!

Some of the Innards of the Digger

Gotta go play with SWMBO’s computer to see if I can get it to see the Movie Drive…

Oh, I post to three blogs “just in case” we get too broke and I have to close down this ( site. The & Blogger Blog are kinda sorta Backups. Unfortunately, all three post to Twitter whenever I make a new post. Sorry about that. One of them posts to Tumblr and that makes a Twitter post. Maybe I’m spreading myself too thin. Or spreading myself around too much? You Decide…

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