Another Early Morning

Started at 0530, as has been the usual since SWMBO started working again. She and her son took off at their usual time, 0630, then he came back home. Another day of not working. He needs to get a “regular” job if he can. (And his own auto, apartment, etc, etc, etc.) But he won’t cause it involves change; something he is NOT comfortable with. (Besides, he can mooch everything he needs here; but don’t get me started.)


Made a run to the Post Office to drop Netflix off. Stopped for gas and got a $.40/gal discount. Not bad. $2.88/gal. Not the $1.20/gal it was before NObama took office but not bad for the prevailing prices nowadays. Danged cold out there!


Think I’ll move the bedroom around and get it ready for SWMBO to figure out what kind of closet/system she wants to put in. She was talking about getting a “closet starter kit” @ Home Depot for a mere $150. She needs a butt-ton more closet space than I do!


Phew! That’s done. Only took 2 hours. Had to wipe the walls from the ceiling down. ugh! Found another complete cat in fur behind the dressers. Disgusting. I just can’t believe it got that messy in less than 5 years! Ceiling fan should be good for another 2 years or so.

Much later now and SWMBO is home safe. That’s pretty much my day.

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