We Are So Back To Normal!

Even more than usual, actually. SWMBO is off at work and I’m up to my usual. Made a Post Office Run. Filled the truck (tank) with gas. Stopped and got one of the crappiest Deluxe Cheese Burger $5 Meals I’ve ever had from DQ. (Which puts them over the top of my “Fuck This Is Terrible” threashold. Now the only reason I’d go there was if SWMBO wanted to go there.) The usual chores and hooked the Caravan up to the truck so all I have to do tomorrow morning is get into the truck, start it up, and take off.


Oh, the Caravan has an appointment at the dealer tomorrow for the annual check for the warranty stuff. They want me there at 0900 and we should be done by 1300. They say. I’m leaving at 0430 so I can miss most of that morning traffic from Hwy 16 to Hwy 5. Which can be a real piss-pot during “rush hour.” I’d rather not. Get caught in that, that is. Should be fun though. (Yeah, right.)


And, of course, it didn’t start to rain until I got out there to hook it up. And it’s supposed to be breezy tonight and tomorrow which means the Caravan will try to act like a sail. Oh, Joy.


Anywho, gotta hit the rack early tonight if I’m going to be able to get up at 0400 and out of the house by 0430. Yeah, I may get to the RV place way early, but that’s still better than getting caught in that traffic.

MCARC Wednesday Evening 2-meter Chat Net went well; for not having an actual Net. Go figure!

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