Interesting Saturday. Few And Far Between.

It started pretty much as usual. Woke up while it was still dark. Got up while it was still dark. Did most of my usual morning routine while it was still dark. About 15 minutes before SWMBO had to get up to get ready to go to the Genealogy Library I climbed back into bed to snuggle for awhile. Nice. Thirty years later she is still the best snuggle.


Really just a normal Saturday doing my normal Saturday things until she got back from the Library. Checked mail and we got everything we didn’t get yesterday cause the mailbox was down. Netflix Day! More Doctor Who!

Listening in on the radio a lot. Talked with Steven (MW0ZZK) in Abersoch, Wales on 12-meters this morning. Cool! I’m able to hear so much more with the new antenna.


SWMBO took me to Walmart in East Bremerton, then to Arby’s & COSTCO in Silverdale. We bought a lot of stuff at COSTCO. At the end there was this really cute brunette standing by the exit door. I walked over and said “Hey.” She said “I’m married to you so don’t start.” Then there was this other really cute brunette standing by the exit.

Stopped on the way back and took some pictures of the sunset. Then we stopped at Safeway and I let SWMBO “man-shop” while I waited outside. Now we’re home and I’m kinda watching “How The Universe Works” and listening to the radio.


Y’all do realize that when I say I’m “listening to the radio” or “playing on the radio” I do mean my Ham Radio, right? Since I discovered Internet Radio stations I haven’t listened to Broadcast radio in years.


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