Holy Crap In A Hand Basket I’m Tired

Cause I spent most of the last two days helping a friend in Shelton move across town. All that time, all that lifting and carrying, everything we did, we got (I’d estimate) about 10% of his “stuff” moved. Today I had the back of my truck completely full of old radio’s and electronics. We filled a full sized truck with the same. And it still didn’t make much of a dent in the stuff he has to go. At least we got the radio towers down yesterday and those got moved before I even got there today.


Other than that just not much going on. Came home kinda early in case SWMBO calls and needs a ride. Picked the last of the tomato’s and am about to take a shower (my second today) to get some of this sweat off me. Wx was really nice while we were working! A get naked day that I was too busy to get naked on.


Just went through the rigmarole to apply for Social Security Benefits (which I hate people calling an “entitlement” since I worked for it and “contributed” to the fund my entire working life). Sure, I won’t get as much starting now as I would in another 4 years, but, who knows if I’ll live another 4 years. In the meantime I can buy us a fairly nice RV, a Tower for my antenna’s, maybe another radio to mount in my truck. Heck, maybe we’ll get SWMBO’s car paid off really early. (That would be nice.)

SWMBO put a “bug” in her son’s ear about when will he be ready to move the hell out and get back on his own. He’s only lived in the basement 2 years and hasn’t paid one penny in rent or utilities (or food). At almost 34 I think it’s time he got out on his own. (But I thought that a year and a half ago too.)


I think that’s about it for tonight. I’m beat! Did a lot of heavy lifting and walking today.

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