What A Nice Day! Wx Wise, That Is…

My goodness! It got up to 80 degrees (27C) here today. It’s 1700 and still 80 degrees! That Is So Cool! I’m loving it!


Of course, my legs are sore cause I didn’t want to stay inside all day so the dog and I have been going for walks and working in the garden. Got the other three beds cleared of weeds and grass and ready for planting’; whatever SWMBO decides to plant in them.


And, I took four “flights” and didn’t hit a thing! Will wonders never cease?! Kind of windy at times but the Drone holds it’s place pretty good. Of course, the “scenery” in the videos is kind of boring; but it’s my yard and is usually boring. If I keep practicing I’ll be able to chase the deer that are going to show up to eat SWMBO’s garden plants!

Playing with Vue 7

Not much else going on. SWMBO has a little girl over she’s teaching to quilt. Our son is making a butt-ton of spaghetti sauce to can (to use up the soon to be outdated cans of tomato’s and tomato’s paste).

Think I’ll watch “Engineering Disasters” the rest of the evening…

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