Actually, A Pretty Usual Type Of Friday.

SWMBO had a class over Port Orchard way @ 1300 today so she needed the truck. So I stayed home and did some of the things I’ve been meaning to do. Hadn’t really anywhere to go or be anyway; so what the heck.

REALLY looking forward to the new Star Trek movie!

She picked me up after her class and took me to dinner at the Teriyaki Chicken place in Gig Harbor. Good food but way too much! (Food just tastes better when we eat together.) Smile

Then she took me for a tour of Home Depot (and bought a rose bush and kitchen type trashcan)(and some fencing for the peas/beans to climb this summer) and then we spent way too much money at COSTCO (as we usually do when we go there).


And we’re home and things are back to “normal.”

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