Should Get Rather Warm!

Yes, I know to other parts of the Country (The Southwest mostly) that 100 degrees just doesn’t seem that bad. Those are the Wx conditions I grew up with in Southern Calif and Yuma and Las Vegas. But, around here, anything over 80 degrees is cause for concern with the Wx Woosies that live here. Starting around 70 it’s getting “too warm.” And around 55 it’s getting “too cold.” Or it’s too wet. Been “dry” too long (hasn’t rained for 3-4 days) and we need to be aware of the potential for fires. BTW, we didn’t get enough snow so you might not be able to shower when you want. Or we got so much snow this year we’re set for run-off for the next 2 years.
They just can’t make up their minds.
Getting all my stuff ready for Field Day and will be heading out around noon for the FD site. IF I survive being out in this oppressive (and potentially racist) heat I’ll check back in Monday or so.
(Racist? Sure, since it (hot Wx) only really affects those without AC. AC is a White Privilege thing, you know. Can’t be cool without that White Privilege card being played. We *need* the Government to give all those poor folks AC units so they’ll have an equal chance to be cool too. God forbid they should be unequal. Maybe I should even loan them my White Privilege card for awhile? Or I could just send prayers and apologize for having AC. Pay reparations to someone for having AC while they didn’t.)
Where’d that come from?
Anyway, time to shit, shower, and make a pretense at shaving. Accidentally (cause if you did it on purpose you’d be an idiot) spilled really hot coffee on my left forearm earlier. Luckily my robe caught the hot liquid heading for my nether regions before any damage was done there! Klutzy Turd!

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