Did I Mention It’s Hot?

So hot.

Q13 in Seattle says: Our “Excessive Heat Warning” is being extended through Tuesday at 11 pm. Monday will be dangerously hot with highs around 101 in the North Sound, 110+ in the Central Sound, and 114 in the South Sound. Downslope winds will make Eastside areas like Issaquah, Bellevue and Sammamish even hotter around 115+!

WE fall in the between the Central & South Sound area Wx wise. We can usually count on being 5 degrees warmer on a hot day and 5 degrees cooler on a cold day than Seattle. We seem to get more rain/snow too.

Field Day! Field Day was this past weekend (26-27 June) and it was a lot of fun again. We had it at W7LDE’s. That guy deserves an award for all the “stuff” he does for Field Day. This time the power went out and he rigged a generator to run his barn and all our power needs. And the guy loves to make and try antennas!

Saturday, I used an antenna W7LDE had put up only to find that, even though everything seemed to be working, it wasn’t really transmitting. At all. Yet the MFJ testing thingie indicated it was working fine. Nope. Checked pskreporter about 5 hours into it cause I just wasn’t contacting anyone and they (pskreporter) said it hadn’t heard KF7LTT ever. Hmmm… Switched to my Alpha Antenna and almost immediately made a contact.

Got miserable hot for everyone. We think it was actually hotter than the 98 degrees my phone said it was. Evening did not come soon enough! We, as a group, made a lot more contacts after it cooled down some.

Tried making a few contacts Sunday morning but had breakfast to make. Which I do on the Sunday morning of Field Day. Just my thing. Everyone seems to enjoy it though. Even though it was my birthday I made breakfast anyway.

We closed down early cause it just got too hot. 102 degrees according to our barn thermometer by about 1000. And we were on the waterfront! I’m thinking it was 105 at our house when we got home and started unloading. Stopped that unloading pretty quick. That shit could wait until sundown.

Think we’ll turn the ac up a bit and hunker down in the basement today. It always feels goosebump cool when one walks into the basement on a hot day.

And WHY the RV folks made that awning almost black in color I’ll never understand! You could bake an egg under that thing.

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