Today Seemed Lazier Than Usual

Even though I swept most of the rooms (I don’t touch SWMBO’s quilt room. At All!), and swabbed the kitchen, dining, and my rooms. Watered the garden. Two loads of dishes (Don’t get me started on that!). Hmmm. Maybe cause I didn’t move any cinder blocks or Manor Stones around today? Could be.

Just Getting Things Done

Did talk to my friend on 20-meters at 1515 today. First time in a couple of weeks. He gave the new antenna a so-so report; but he was fading in and out and he’s pumping out 300 watts. I only go 75 watts max. Ever. Radio’s cost too much for this retired old Navy guy to replace them; even accidently burned out.

Spent some time listening in (playing) on There’s some interesting stuff going on and a couple of Hams that sound like commercial radio dudes. Hell, I haven’t even played with that SDR Dongle I got for over a month now. Maybe I should pull it out? …


And that was pretty much my day. Kind of watching “Golden Voyage of Sinbad” and just killing a bit of time until I can go lay down. I suppose I could go lay down and read anytime I want, I am retired, but I feel weird laying down before 2100.

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