Day Trip To Mt. Rainier. Not Your Average Sunday.

We left around 0900 this morning for Mt. Rainier. We’ve lived in this area, damned near in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, since Jan 1993 and just haven’t made that trip yet. I don’t know why. Probably because we see it every time we leave the house and didn’t feel the need to finally get to it.


So, about 0700 I was looking around with Google Earth for places to just head out to for the day. Fixated on Mt. Rainier. Got SWMBO up, made her pancakes and bacon for Mother’s Day, and off we went.


Went through Puyallup, then Orting (cause this old guy got lost), contacted OnStar for directions to State Highway 410, and finally got on track. Buckley, Enumclaw, Greenwater, and, of course, the mountain itself. Got a few good pictures. Got to spend time with my Schweetie. Pretty ride and some quaint little towns. (Never did find the Visitor’s Center though). Still snow up there too.


Ride back was pretty much the same except for stopping for pizza in Enumclaw. Got home about 1600. Whole trip used less than a half tank of gas. Cool! It sure was a pretty ride. Not too hot. Not too cold.

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well (even if I didn’t run it tonight). Had 15 check-ins and KC7WNJ did a great job.

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