One Hundred Eleven Degrees!

You read that right. All three of my outdoor thermometers were reading 111 degrees at 1430 today. Down South we used to call even that ‘Fookin’ Hot!” Been hearing heat-related calls on the emergency channels all day. People just won’t learn to stay their asses indoors if possible.

Watered my garden 3 times and it still didn’t really help. Picked most of my peas cause the pods were getting soft; like being cooked on the vines. Really limp when being shelled. But, now I have a meals worth to prepare and put in the freezer.

I know: why? Why go through all the trouble, time, and expense, to grow about the same amount of peas that I can buy in a bag at Safeway for a buck or two?

Because. Just because. It’s fun. It’s knowing that I can grow my own food. Sure, I’d have to cultivate most of my property to grow enough for the two of us to eat throughout the year, but, at least I keep the knowledge alive in my mind. And in my hands.

And I like growing things anyway. It’s relaxing. For some strange reason, I actually do have a “green thumb.” Didn’t ask for it. Not sure I want it. Not sure what good it is. But I have one. Especially when people tell me “Oh, you can’t grow that.”

Hold my beer.

Speaking of which: I had two this past weekend. Beers. Even worse: foo-foo beers. “California Ale.” I quit drinking way back in the late 70’s but have ONE beer every summer (usually during Field Day). And this year I even had a sip of some “malted whiskey” (I think) one of the guys was braggin’ on. Tasted okay (just okay) and for sure didn’t make me want to go buy a bottle. Used to drink a lot of whiskey & coke. Don’t know how Whiskey & Dr. Pepper would go over. Probably get me beat up if I walked into a bar and ordered a Whiskey & Dr. Pepper. (Hey, Barkeep! Whiskey & Dr. Pepper! And while you’re at it give me a big ol’ glass of buttermilk to chase it with.)

This winter I’m going to build a hydroponics “tower” and try growing stuff in my basement. Just to try it.

SWMBO and I went shopping today cause we didn’t get to last Friday. WinCo. While walking around she asked me if I needed to sit down or anything cause “You ARE almost 70 now.” Bitch. I may have a SBD waiting for you tonight. 😂 (Old guys are good at SBD’s.)

Y’all have a great night! Be safe.

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