Ended The Week With Food Poisoning

Or started the week with it; depending on how you look at it.

Switching to daylight savings kind of threw me off and I had a hard time sleeping Saturday night into Sunday. So I got up at 0400 (new time) and watched some TV. (Watching TV for us is starting something we’ve downloaded. “Discovering <famous actor>” this time.)

Wish I Were Playing With Real Money!

About 0600 I really started feeling bad. Spent the next 12 hours “sleeping” next to the toilet cause I didn’t dare (DARE!) get more than 4 feet away. Yes, had all the food poisoning symptoms and episodes. Repeadily.

Feeling WAY better today. Even got a fairly good night sleep. Should have because of how exhausted I was from my day.

Another Watch List

Last week went pretty much normally. Can’t give you a blow-by-blow cause it’s all so mundane. I got up. I did shit. I tried to get to sleep. Repeat.

I am way past ready to move down south. Southern Utah/Northern Arizona or Yuma even. I get this way when summer’s faded out and all the days are cold and we’re starting our move into wet weather. I hate Western WaRshington. I’m only here for SWMBO.

My Idea Of The Perfect Window Seat!

Phew. Not feeling completely up to par. Yet. Just puttering around in the basement tired me out. Took the Dog for a tour of the back 40 and wanted to call a taxi about half way through it. Phew.

Anywho, since I’m just not feeling “normal” I’ve taken it kinda easy. Flying from Portland to SLC in the 787 and watching my FA-18 “Friend” shoot down other planes.

cap_787 - 2019-11-04 16.42.25_00^%00^%10_03

And even though it’s ONLY 1730, and DARK outside, I’m ready to lay down and read. Sounds good!

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