Rainy Rainy Saturday!

My goodness. It’s raining like crazy out there off and on! Water is already pooled throughout the yards and I’m getting to the point I may need to watch our “flood point” at the back of the back yard. Needless to say the Dog and I did NOT go for a walk today.

Hawaii volcano

However, I am just kind of wasting time until 1500 when SWMBO and I will take off for our “date.” We’re going to Home Depot so I can look up some prices on things I’ll need to remake my room. Then we’ll head to “Outback” in Bremerton so she can satisfy her desire for half bloody steak.

I’ll let you know how that turns out.

I Miss The Beach!

Actually, I’m back. “Outback” was pretty good. I had the Alice Springs Chicken and SWMBO had a underdone steak. We also took our Son along and he had an underdone steak also. Expensive!

We also stopped by Home Depot and I started pricing things I want to get to revamp my computer/radio room. That’s gonna be kinda spendy also!

Stopped at the WinCo Foods store in Bremerton on the way home and spent too much money their also. We really didn’t get that much ghee dunk!

Now it’s time to just veg. I’m so stuffed I can barely move! Oh, it rained hard off and on all day. Windy. Sucked!

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